PapiJump 1.5

Don't stop bouncing!


  • Easy to play
  • Fun for a while


  • Poor graphics
  • Very repetitive

Not bad

Mr Papi is a little red ball who just loves bouncing. The object of PapiJump is to get him up the screen by bouncing on the platforms.

If you've ever played Doodle Jump on the iPhone, then you'll be familiar with the format of PapiJump. You tilt your Android phone left or right to move Mr Papi and must bounce from platform to platform, gaining height the whole time. If you miss a platform and fall off the bottom of the screen then it's game over.

For me, PapiJump is a poor copy of the excellent Doodle Jump. The graphics are much more basic, the main character is boring and, more importantly, the gameplay is a lot duller. This is because there are none of the baddies, power-ups and obstacles that there are in Doodle Jump, so the game quickly gets repetitive.

Interest in PapiJump is extended a bit by the inclusion of an online high scores table. There is some degree of excitement in trying to get as high up the leaderboard as possible.

PapiJump is fun for a while but it ain't no Doodle Jump.



PapiJump 1.5

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